Live Rock Studios (BMI) is the publishing company and former multimedia production studio of Mark Ludmer located in Torrance, California.
In September 2012 the place of business was moved to Northridge CA and the multimedia production studio was renamed "Rock Pro Studios".

Rock Pro Studios is now located in Culver City CA

Live Rock Studios (BMI) remains the name of the publishing company

Owned and operated by 30+ year music industry veteran Mark Ludmer
This site remains as an archive for his time at this wonderful Torrance location, from April 2008 through September 2012
Host to 10 Sober Jams and rehearsals, countless live show productions, video shoots, songwriting sessions, and all kinds of parties and reunions... lots of good times for many
Pics and videos from this time period will continue to be linked to or posted here
The contact information on the footer of each page will stay current
Send us your pics or video links from Live Rock Studios for archival purposes

and a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who shared the stage, the rooms, and participated in the recordings, videos, and the fun times with me at Live Rock Studios


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